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Product Interest Rates

Effective as of 1st Dec, 2019
 Product Description Interest Rate 
Personal Loan Secured  *17.75% variable
Personal Loan Unsecured  *19.75% variable
Tailored Business Loan *12.75% variable
Personal Asset Loan *15.75% variable 
Home Loan *10.70% variable
Personal Property Investment Loan *10.70% variable
Commercial Property Investment Loan *10.70% variable 
Personal Overdraft *on demand
Business Overdraft *on demand
Term Deposit Products (>100,000vt) Retail Rates 
1 month 0.50%
3 months 0.75%
6 months 1.00%
12 months 1.25%
>12 months 1.50%
Transactional Accounts Base Retail Rate
Cheque Account With Interest Tiered Interest**
Plus Saver Account *1% base rate
Pacific Package Account Nil%
Business Account With Interest Tiered Interest*
Kids Account *1% base rate

* Terms & Conditions apply and rates may change ** Tiered interest is based on account current balances

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