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BSP Gives a Million to save lives with Vanuatu Emergency Services

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Vanuatu Emergency Services Association (VESA) received VT1 Million to support its work in the country, thanks to Bank South Pacific Ltd.

The sponsorship will go towards aiding ProMedical Operations and ProRescue services under VESA, in Port Vila, Efate and Luganville, Santo.

BSP has been a proud and generous supporter of Vanuatu Emergency Services T/AS ProMedical, since January 2017 last year.

"The services continue to save lives in the country. As the leading bank in the Pacific, we are privileged to partner with ProMedical Ambulance Services to help save lives in the communities," said BSP's Head of Retail & Marketing, Ms. Moana Korikalo.

ProMedical's Operations Manager, Ms. Peta Owen thanked BSP for its generous support towards VESA. "The continued financial support by BSP ensures that VESA through its ProMedical Operations and ProRescue Services continue to provide Australian standard pre-hospital emergency care to the people of and visitors to Vanuatu."

 "The commitment of BSP to community support and development is to be applauded and ProMedical is very proud to be affiliated with BSP," added Owen.

BSP's sponsorship and donations focuses on many aspects of the community such as Health, Education, Sports and Environment and professional development. It contributes over $361 Thousand (USD) across the Pacific, in the countries it operates in.