BSP Supports Vanuatu Surfing Association

Date: Friday November 4th, 2016

Bank South Pacific (Vanuatu) Ltd (BSP) is proud to announce its sponsorship of The Vanuatu Surfing Association's (VSA) Tanna Outreach program.

Vanuatu Surfing Association

The Vanuatu Surfing Association is a community development focused non-profit organization which has an established outreach program geared at working with the communities of surfing villages of Vanuatu to promote the interest of surfing. Boards donated through the VSA board drive from surfers and surf clubs overseas are distributed in these outreach programs along with miscellaneous items donated with boards such as , clothing, school books, stationary, and basic first aid items to communities in need.

The VSA has run successful outreach programs in the villages of Pango village, Pele, Eratap, Torres islands and Tanna in the past. They have set their sights on returning to Tanna next week to run an intensive surf development program encompassing Environmental awareness and action, First aid, life saving and ocean safety, technical surf related skills (surf equipment repair, judging, coaching, event management), inclusion of women and girls in surf and sustainable development of small scale surf tourism enterprise and business management.

VSA is also connected to the "Operation Do Something", which is run by VSA's treasurer Stewart Free and based in Australia. It allows organizations and individuals in Australia to purchase much needed school items for schools and kindergartens in the islands which the VSA assists in facilitating the distribution of through their outreach program.

"After discussions with key surfing contacts on Tanna, it was identified that this outreach program would be a good opportunity to , in addition to distributing surf equipment, donating clothes, school materials, books and first aid items to the community of Waisisi. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to BSP for the sponsorship. The support will contribute toward our preparation and running of the outreach program on Tanna" said VSA President, Ms Stephanie Mahuk.

BSP's sponsorship includes VT150, 000 in cash to be used by the team to cover travel and logistics. "With VSA committed to increasing women & girl's development in surfing in Vanuatu, we are proud to be part of this initiative. Through our support, we are able to contribute to making a difference in the community," said BSP Vanuatu Head of Retail & Marketing, Ms Moana Korikalo.

BSP's sponsorship and donations focuses on many aspects of the community such as Health, Education, Sports and Environment and professional development. It contributes over $361 Thousand (USD) across the Pacific, in the countries it operates in.