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    BSP kicks off Women’s Futsal Championship Knockout

    Friday, 18th August

    Bank South Pacific Vanuatu has made a boundless move in partnering with Port Vila Futsal League to support three weeks Women's Futsal Competition in Vanuatu. 

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  3. BSP Supports Vanuatu Cricket

    Monday 14th August 2017

    Joana Rasu handing over gear to Joshua RasuVanuatu Cricket is once again very fortunate to have received support from the Bank South Pacific this year. 

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    BSP Pleased with Soccer Sevens Season

    Monday 17th July, 2017

    Young soccer enthusiasts travelled from as far as Pango and Eratap to turn up every Saturday to participate in the 10 weeks BSP Soccer Sevens Tournament facilitated through the Digicel Amical Club.

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    BSP Agents making banking more accessible in Vanuatu

    Friday 14th July, 2017

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) Agents provide basic banking services for customers and communities that are located far away from main branches.

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  9. Beware of Scams

    Thursday 06th July, 2017

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) is warning the general public to beware of scams via emails, phone calls and letters.

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    Tuesday 27th June, 2017

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) has announced with pride, its one-year of operations in Vanuatu and its significant achievements over the past 12 months.
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  13. Tanna Branch

    New BSP Branch on Tanna Island

    Saturday 24th June, 2017

    Financial Banking services will be extended to Tanna Island, thanks to a lease agreement with local landlord Mr Kenathis Iarapia to open a new branch on the island in Tafea Province.

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  15. 2017 Womens Grant Winners

    Friday 26th April 2017

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    BSP kicks off amicable Soccer Sevens Registration

    Saturday 8th April 2017

    A 10 week Community Football Program supported by Bank South Pacific (BSP) Vanuatu Ltd in partnership with the Digicel Amicale Football Club will give an opportunity for young soccer enthusiast to showcase their skills.

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  19. FULL YEAR RESULTS – 31st December 2016

    Wednesday 01st March, 2017

    Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE, Chairman, Board of Directors, Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) today released the Group results for the full-year to 31 December 2016.